Monday, 30 June 2014


Hi pals , how are you? this one will be my first posting since i officially graduated from senior high school. 
Now, i'm enjoying my days i mean free-days (after free from senior high school) until i continue my studies in college.I'm gonna miss my senior high school friends, However we have to split up for reaching our future.
Anyway,  I wanna share to all of you guys, about my short vacation with my girls in Yogyakarta.
We really enjoyed our vacation. Eventhough, it took a bit long trip to get there from our place. But we worth it.Yogyakarta has many great cultural and known for its rich heritage.There're many wonderful sights there. And the most important one's the people were so friendly and you will be welcomed warmly there...

Candi borobudur
(The most famous temple in Java)


(my fave spot)
The weather was too hot and i didn't put any sunblock on my skin, can you imagine how my skin turned into?

Those are some of the photos.
actually, there're still so many photos that we took from different place in Yogyakarta, like : Candi Prambanan , Alun-Alun Yogayakarta and so on..

Thanks for reading my blog:)