Friday, 1 August 2014


I just found this kinda simple yet feminime dress in my wardrobe.Honestly, i almost forgot i've ever bought this dress. I bought this dress last year in Malaysia's Guess store with RM399.00 dont know it is a good price or not xixi So, this was the first time i wore this dress.

Anw guyss i just joined a social media which everyone may ask you questions. Yeaahh i just downloaded i'm sure all of you have known this app since it's booming! But there are too many anonymous because you can hide your name when you are gonna send the questions. Actually, you also can choose to not receive anonymous questions.
well, to sum up it's quite nice as long as they don't ask inappropriate questions!

The color looks a bit different in this photo, Probably because of the effects.


Much love,