Friday, 31 October 2014


Yesterday, my English classmates and I went out to have lunch (kinda farewell lunch) because me and three of my friends just finished our final exams, and now waiting for the results to come out ohh feeling so uneasy! The results will be come out on tuesday, hope four of us will pass the exams since, only four of us took the accelerated exams.

This was just after doing my test
top : Cotton On
shorts : Treats
backpack : Topshop
watch : Guess
sandals : Vincci

On Our Way

We decided to have our lunch at Chili's Restaurants.

(sorry for the quality of the pics)

we continued with these at Snowflake

We ended up our day with these..

Nasi lemak at Heritage

 Penang's Cheor Fan
(I love this)

Oopps i don't really remember the name. They were chihcken with rice.

I hope that we can still keep in touch Shankara's children.

Much love,

Wayu Salim

Saturday, 4 October 2014


"A well-spent day brings a happy sleep"  yeahh i'm kinda going to sleep. But, i'd like to share my saturday activities to my readers first...

We went to a shopping mall "One Utama" i thought it was One Prima. . 

Top : bought in a random shop in BKK
Skirt : Cotton on
Backpack : Topshop
Watch : Guess
Sandals : Vincci

Actually, it was our first time to come to this hmmm a quite big shopping mall. At the short story, the 5 girls were strolling around the shopping centre with aimlessly.

After walking for a bit long, we decided to have our lunch in "Kenny Rogers Roasters" 

Rockie's bowl
Special baked chicken meatballs with aromatic rice & cheese

Chicken & Garden meal

So here we had our lunch today.
(There were 2 more dishes)

After having our lunch, we stopped by a toy store. We had no idea how came our feet carried us here hahaha

May i have all of them? I'm not greedy just can't help it!


These are just too cute! With : 
Sgd 7,95
Myr 17,50

You know that, i'll be super excited when i see something related to dogs. I wish someday i could own many many dogs.Promiseee, i'll be treating them not just some pets but hmm maybe more than that! LOL!
BOBO , i miss him so much...(some of my friends have been asking me, " why you always call Bobo with he/him? " Hmmm i was like eehh ahh hehh...

Hmmm back to topic, we also had our brunch at :

We ordered a Fondue for 5 people..

with four mini scoops of Belgian chocolate , strawberry , Vanilla&Cream , Cookies&Vanilla cream and Fresh fruits and one thing that can't be left which is the Hot Chocolate Sauce...

Yeahh, i felt like relaxing myself today. Since, in weekdays i have no time to treat myself well. I will have so many homeworks to do...Thinking of this , that , these , those. And sometimes i'm just afraid of my own shadow yeahh i have that fear and just keep it by myself..

I ended up my Saturday night with this. .

Thanks for dropping by.

Much love,

Wayu Salim