Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Here i'm gonna show you guys, some photos during our trip to "Jonker street" , Malacca. Guess whatt! we arrived home at 01,00 a.m . Could you imagine, how tired and exhausted we were! Nevertheless, we enjoyed our "Exploring the whole street foods" . I couldn't take proper photos, bcs my camera is being repaired:( . I'm really uneasy, with life without camera on my hands! Even though, phone does the work butt still i feel like something's missing! So don't blame me about hmmm the "quality" of the pics that i took. OK?
After getting in the Jonker street , we ate in a restaurant which i forgot the name and i had my "Hor fun" and two of my friends had different foods. (Sorry, i didn't take the pics) :D
It's not enough for us to only try at a restaurant, bcs we wanted to try all the hawker snacks.But yeahh Stomach has its limit. we can't force it again, So, we ended up with not so much food.

This one "Takoyaki" has been my favo food! OMG! Since Gustina asked me to 
try it, and after i tried it ohh God it's damn good!
I like the Baby octopus ones.

These are some ice cream eggs
"Here we are"

Anw, my outer was from : Cotton On
Black dress : H&m
Backpack : Topshop
and i took all of these pics by my phone (ip5s)

much love,

Wayu Salim

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


So guys, basically i wanted to upload a video that i have recorded about the look of Equarius Villa , but i don't know what happens i just can't access into my file. Ohh it really drives me crazy. Yess something is wrong with my camera and my memory as well. but hmmm maybe one of them? I even lost all of my documentations.
So, i'll just post some photos that i took during my stay at the villa.

too bad, i didn't take the front and 2nd floor's parts. It's my bad :( 

 this' the 1st floor's bathroom. It has 2 bathrooms. one is on the first floor and the other is on the second floor

 we also got a coffee maker! yeayyy that's one of the great parts that i loved!

For those who want to have a relaxation with family/friends or for weekend , i would recomend this villa to stay. It really suits for a family staycation or whatever it is! lol
You can also have a Jacuzzi right in front of the sea window. You just need to take out the boards or you can also call the staffs to help you. They are very friendly. Anw , There are only 11 rooms of this type of rooms. On the second floor it more looks like a living room with a comfy sofa and there's also a Jacuzzi place outside. 

Location :
Resorts World Sentosa - Equarius Villa and Hotel
Sentosa island
Singapore 098269

much love ,

Wayu Salim

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hi, guys! How have you been? I'm doing great! Anw, i'm really sorry for the very late post because i just got back from my hometown. ^^

My birthday
Who says, there is no Valentine's day if you have no boy/girl friend. Yeahh i used to think so, but you know what! you can still enjoy your day with your family , friends and people all around you.
On the day that people call it  "sweet day" i got an unexpected suprises from my friends (you girls made my day), Really!  it has never come to my mind, i got an early birthday surprised from you girls. They surprised me by an unexpected way , i came to my friend's apartment after having my dinner, and then i have been asked to help her to pack her stuffs and suddenly the bell was ringging and she asked me to open the door for her. I went straight to open the door and suddenly the girls were at the outside and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" i was confused and blank at a moment, thinking that what was happened until i realized, that was my early birthday surprised. Anyway, they gave me early suprised because the following day, I would go back to my home town. The best present that i got from them was the standing board (hmm what should i call it) that filled with our photos and their wishes to me. It is standing perfectly on my desk now! 

So, the next day i was in my hometown. You know what i got?! I have been surprised by a gift that was sent to me by my bestfriend. She is such a sweet girl. We have been together i mean our friendship hmmm for more than 10 years! She knows everything about me , and So do I. I hope our friendship will last longer and you are still be my bestfriend until we grow older!   

Oh no I haven't been 20 hahahaah

This one was from ci Phing

(sorry for my silly face)
Thanks for surprising me my girls (LK")

Finally , i would like to thank anyone of you that involved in my birthday suprises and also thanks  a million for your greetings and wishes to me! That really made my day^^

much love,

Wayu Salim