Monday, 28 July 2014

PHOTOSHOOT ; Black & White

I just found out these pictures in my albums. So, i decided to show you guys the photoshoot that i took excatly on Halloween day:)
At that time, i had no idea about what to wear for these shots. Suddenly, i remembered ohh today's Halloween day.So, i decided to wear Black for session 1 and White for session 2 and it's just simple shots tough.
Here are some of my shots!



Much Love,

wayu salim

Saturday, 26 July 2014

YSL #52

Trying out this hottie color! Yeahh , many people say this color looks similiar with Cheon-Song-Yi' lipstick color. If you ever watched the drama ( you who came from the start ) you'd fall in Luv with the actress' lips (Sexy red pink) xixiixii
So, yesterday i bought this Ysl brand with code #52 . Many pals say this code has sold out in every single store (limited edition) so, am i one of the lucky girls ?!