Monday, 5 January 2015


Hi guys!
yess, this would be my very first posting of the new year 2015. I have no time lately to just simply post a kind of my activities. You know that uni life is not easy, and yeahh it is what i feel now. Anw, i just had my semester break for a week ( i wish it was longer) and i went to Singapore. Actually, i wanted to go back home, since it has been quite long time (for me) i have not seen my Bbo but situation went wrongly, huhuhu miss him so much!

I had my breakfast with one of my friends at Airport, and i had my "Chocolate Lava cake" and a cup of Cappucino. It took only about one hour to go to Singapore from KL.

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Found this at the door handle, Just like it. Because everything was full of christmas atmosphere.

And this was the view from my room, quite nice,right?

How my "OOTD" and room looked like.
My top (actually a dress) was from a random shop at Times Square
Bottom was from "Treats".

This was the night view

I didn't take many pictures during my break in Singapore, because of some reasons. However, i will post what i have with me. Hope you enjoy it!

If you have followed me on Instagram, i'm pretty sure that you know if i have gone to Spore several times and even quite often, but this' the first time for me to really tour into the whole Marina Bay Sands.
Sorry for the quality of the photo, my bad :(
This was the place that i gotta go, yesss you have guessed it. "Infinity Pool" (rooftop/sky pools) what a breath-taking view that you are able to see from the top. After from here, i went to have Jacuzzi. What a life!
p.s : Again , i didn't take proper picture:(

I also had my dinner at Marina Bay Sands' hotel with buffet-style dining but i couldn't remember exactly what the restaurant name was. It was $80 / person. I think the most expensive buffet i have ever had so far. Too bad, i didn't take picture of the food. There were so many types of foods, like : Japanese food , Western style , Asian and so on. The most important was the "Seafood" and the dessert must also be counted.
i just grabbed some dessert , seafood , sushi and salad.

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It was incredibly good
I mixed my own salad
Let me tell you guys, i always go for this eggtart when every single time i go to Sentosa. There is no something special, but i just like it for no reason. 
Yeayyyy! i also watched Peterpan musical which is from USA :3

Last but not least, this was one of the food pictures that i took. If i can describe and show about my trip it will be some postings in words.

much love,

Wayu Salim

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