Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hi, guys! How have you been? I'm doing great! Anw, i'm really sorry for the very late post because i just got back from my hometown. ^^

My birthday
Who says, there is no Valentine's day if you have no boy/girl friend. Yeahh i used to think so, but you know what! you can still enjoy your day with your family , friends and people all around you.
On the day that people call it  "sweet day" i got an unexpected suprises from my friends (you girls made my day), Really!  it has never come to my mind, i got an early birthday surprised from you girls. They surprised me by an unexpected way , i came to my friend's apartment after having my dinner, and then i have been asked to help her to pack her stuffs and suddenly the bell was ringging and she asked me to open the door for her. I went straight to open the door and suddenly the girls were at the outside and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" i was confused and blank at a moment, thinking that what was happened until i realized, that was my early birthday surprised. Anyway, they gave me early suprised because the following day, I would go back to my home town. The best present that i got from them was the standing board (hmm what should i call it) that filled with our photos and their wishes to me. It is standing perfectly on my desk now! 

So, the next day i was in my hometown. You know what i got?! I have been surprised by a gift that was sent to me by my bestfriend. She is such a sweet girl. We have been together i mean our friendship hmmm for more than 10 years! She knows everything about me , and So do I. I hope our friendship will last longer and you are still be my bestfriend until we grow older!   

Oh no I haven't been 20 hahahaah

This one was from ci Phing

(sorry for my silly face)
Thanks for surprising me my girls (LK")

Finally , i would like to thank anyone of you that involved in my birthday suprises and also thanks  a million for your greetings and wishes to me! That really made my day^^

much love,

Wayu Salim

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