Friday, 21 August 2015


It has been like really a while since my last posts.

How are you guys doing ?
Hope you guys are doing well so far, and the same goes to me.

For those that follow me through my Instagram or Snapchat, you guys might know that i just came back from my holiday from Jakarta-Bandung. Through this post you can have a look at the pictures that i took during my trip with my friends. Anw, you can also watch my video on my youtube channel (Mysalad hilfiger).

Here you go.

Location : Citywalk mall, Bandung.
( Wayu salim , Vilia Herlinda , Laura Avinda , Henry )

The random picture

Location : Gua Pawon

"The Sisters"
Locations : Dusun Bambu

Please Don't let my mom know about this place. Otherwise, I will be killed. (if you got it)

"I am going to fly"
Location : Stone garden , Bandung.
Credits : Henry
(w/o any filter)
"we are up here"

Basically, it's pretty much about my trip. Thanks for dropping by, love!

much love,

wayu salim

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